Apply now to the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy.

The Apple Developer Academy is aimed at curious and open minded learners from all around the world who want to get a step into the world’s most innovative and vibrant technology ecosystem and lay the ground for a career in the growing App Economy.

The Academy aims to attract students from a wide range of backgrounds with the training designed to support learners from every kind of different educational context and with diverse interests and passions.

The Academy learning experience is based on Challenge Based Learning which is an active, experiential, experimental, creative, reflective framework for learning. Learners are challenged to go beyond their comfort zone and to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems.



An international environment with learners coming from more than 50 countries.


Developers trained

More than 1700 App creators trained at the Academy and now working around the globe.


Apps developed

More than 800 apps developed. Learn App development with Swift by creating your own Apps. A lot of them.


WWDC scholarships

More than 150 Academy learners won the highly competitive Swift Student Challenge.


Our gallery of Experiences

Education has never been so #engaging, #diverse and #fun.

Regione Campania 2024

As part of the project “DEFER – Developers for Ever” (CUP E64C22001210006 – CML 22021PP0000001) eligible for funding from PR Campania ESF+ 2021-2027 Priority 2 “Education and Training”, Specific Objective ESO 4.7, ACTION LINE 2.g.5, the University of Naples Federico II announces a selection of 220 students to be admitted to the Apple Developer Academy. The University reserves the right to increase the number of the students to a maximum of 300 in the event that the number of admitted students from the Apple Programs Participants announcement is lower than 80. The selection refers to the academic year 2024/2025.


Please read carefully the following official call for students and the annex:

Apple Developer Academy Updates

Apple Programs Participants Updates