Frequently Asked Questions

Incoming students


• Do the Academy is a remote or an in-presence experience?

The course will take place in-presence at the Apple Developer Academy, University of Naples Federico II, Campus of San Giovanni a Teduccio, Corso Nicolangelo Protopisani 70, Naples, Italy. Class attendance is mandatory. Participants are required to respect the minimum limit of attendance, which is 80% of the scheduled hours.

• What is the start date of the Academy?

First day of class will be at the end of September 2022. We recommend that you are settled into the city a week in advance. This will ensure that your lodging accommodations are well sorted and that you have a comfortable first day.

• When are we going to sign the contracts?

You will sign your contracts well in advance of the starting date of the Academy. We expect to complete this phase by the end of July 2022.

• I am a non-EU student. Will I be able to get a VISA for me and my wife?

In order to obtain your Visa, what you need from our side is a signed contract. You should have enough time from the end of July to submit your Visa application. However, we strongly suggest to get in touch in advance with an Italian Consulate near you.

• Where and how do I get the equipment?

Being this a course that takes place in-person, students are required to be in Naples. This is why the equipment is usually distributed or returned at the Academy, at the beginning and at the end of the academic year.

• How will the Academy communicate important information? Via email, official website or other means?

Official and administrative information will always be communicated via email or the official website. Other specific means of communication will be set for the admitted students during the pre-academy time-frame to share information about the program of events and resources designed for them.

• Is there a phone number that I can use to get in touch with the Administration Office?

Of course there is a telephone number to get in touch with us. However, unless it’s an emergency, we kindly ask you to use emails so that we can assist you in the best way possible.

• How to attend the Academy if I am not vaccinated? Is there a vaccination policy?

The University of Naples Federico II will be following the official Governmental Regulations. We cannot predict at this time whether there will be a vaccination policy or not.

• Are there any student discounts for public transports provided by Federico II?

The local transport company of Naples (ANM) provides special discounts for students. You can check this link for more information: http://www.anm.it/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1950&Itemid=493.

• I cannot find a place to stay in Naples. Are there any halls of residence I can refer to?

There are plenty of options. After signing the contract you will be given access to our internal communication channels that will help you finding an accommodation and will also provide additional information and resources about important aspects of daily life in Naples.

• How to get ready for the academy experience?

The Academy will be offering a program of events and a set of curated resources. The goal is to allow those who want to start exploring on their own to get inspired and find a place where to start from.

• SwiftUI or UIKit?

Both SwiftUI and UIKit (and the interactions between the two) will be covered.